Cheap Battery backup needed

Need battery backup for two centos servers with 380 watt power supplies each running virtualmin.

Need auto shutdown feature.


(at the store right this second … Hehe)

Hehehe…taking “general discussion” to new heights of “general”. :wink:

I noticed recently that Tripp-lite and APC are roughly the same price these days, so I usually buy whatever is on sale at Fry’s. I bought a Cyberpower for a friend’s HTPC setup a couple of weeks ago…and it sucks. It just doesn’t work (it’s not fast enough…during brief power outages, which happen frequently at the location, everything turns off before the UPS kicks in). So, I’d say stick with Tripp-Lite or APC.


Based on the power supplies in the computers, can you suggest a minimum wattage either peak or RMS on the backup? All I need it to do is send a linux compatible shut down signal- currently at fry’s in front of APC models hehe thanks…

You think I’m way better at math than I actually am. :wink:

I have no idea. I usually go with 600-1000kWh (I think that’s the right unit of measure), and they seem to have worked. I haven’t used a UPS in a few years, though, so I don’t actually know if machines use more or less power than they did back then.

We get power outages a lot and I’m tired of restoring servers and/or replacing crashed/parked drives… I’ll take a look - thanks!