Changing VM login from IP to TLD

I have been logging into my VM panel through the https://I.P.:port . The problem with this is I don’t have a SSL certificate tied to the IP so I get the unsecure site warning page every so often. Can I change it to to https://TLD:port?

Hi there,

you have already configured your DNS?
Will you use a external DNS service or do you want to use Virtualmin/Webmin to configure your DNS?

Hi, I am using Cloudflare for my DNS. Thanks

Any domain associated with any virtual server hosted on a Virtualmin system could be used as a URL to access the Virtualmin GUI: so if example.tld was one of the domains that is hosted, you could access the Virtualmin GUI via https://example.tld:10000 instead of https://IP:port

When installing Virtualmin, the hostname that you specified would be the standard way to access the Virtualmin GUI, if it was a FQDN and it resolves to the IP of the Virtualmin system.

When I login, the hostname is listed as ubuntu and not a domain name so I think this is causing me problems. My other host went under and I didn’t have a FQDN so I didn’t know what to put.I probably should fix it but I’m not sure how without completely messing everything up like email, etc.

Always take backups and we will double check to see if everything is correctly applied in Step 4 but the following should be pretty safe to do:

  1. Create a subdomain in the format of vps.domain.tld: in the subsequent steps we will configure your system to use this FQDN as hostname for your existing Virtualmin system.

  2. Point the FQDN to the IP address of your virtualmin system.

  3. In Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Hostname and DNS Client set the hostname to your FQDN. Hit Save.

  4. Verify in /etc/hosts, that your hostname is correctly updated to the FQDN. Also in /etc/postfix/, the “mydestination” line should contain your hostname.

I don’t think you need to restart any services. You should now be able to access the Virtualmin GUI via the FQDN that you have specified as hostname - vps.domain.tld:10000.

As a bonus, if you create a domain in the format of admin.vps.domain.tld and point it to the IP address of your Virtualmin system, it will save you the trouble of specifying the port after the hostname. You can see this in action at

Unfortunately, this didn’t work as when I tried to go to the VM admin login at vps.example.tld:port it couldn’t connect.

I could have done something wrong on the hostname and DNS. Do I need to put it my IP4V IP address of my IP VPS? It came up as and localhost so I didn’t add my IP to the list.

I didn’t see any changes in the /etc/hosts file

I assume it should read

I.P vps.example.tld vps

Since this is how my other one is displayed but then again my hostname is currently unbuntu and naturally this doesn’t point to any domain or external VPS IP.

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