Changing to use PHP-FPM then changing back to FCGI, changed PHP back to server main PHP 5.4

I installed PHP-FPM to try out as I am having resource issues on a server, but it should be able to handle the traffic OK. Still had issues, so decided to revert back to FCGId

I only just noticed all my PHP7 sites (PHP7 is added an extra PHP) have all been reset back to PHP 5.4. So thats not good, I have had my server running even less optimised on that for a bit now.

So why does this happen?

Also, when on PHP-FPM, and I go to change PHP version it says “This virtual server is using the mod_php or FPM execution mode for PHP, such does not allow per-directory version selection.”

So what version PHP is FPM running on? The default 5.4? Hence it switching to that when I change it?

How does one use PHP7 for it?



Does anyone know about this? Why PHP-FPM would switch to PHP 5.4? Ideally I need PHP7. I have PHP 7 on the server, it would be an additional PHP, so maybe something in the config somewhere needs updating to tell it to use this PHP than PHP5.4?