Changing the template do not update the apache configuration


I have an issue that is if i chnage the template on a site it does nothing on the apache configuration. I have a standard template and a wordpress template and changing from one another do not touch the web config at all. Is it normal ? Is there a way to change this behavior so choosing a template is working ?

I searched the setting without finding anything that can change this behavior.

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If you mean server template then check if is enabled “For use by - All owners” under “Basic settings and usage” of selected template.

Yes it is, the template is there but changing any template to any other template do not update the apache configuration, even if the destination template has a completly different apache setting.

so for exemple i have a “normal” and a “wordpresssuck” template, when i edit a site and change from “normal” to “wordpresssuck” the template then save, this do not change the apache configuration as it should imho.

therefor i think i am protected but i am not in reality.