changing the default webmin control panel page to domain name instead of IP

how i can change the default webmin control panel page to domain name instead of IP and port
also can this help in making a website SSL verified? i have set up SSL certificate but my website is not showing SSL certificate

SSL certifiqued only works with a domain name not with ip numeric. If what you want to change the browser to enter webmin with domain name must have that name in / etc / hosts and use that domain name in the web browser for example if your domain is instead of putting in the browser http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX use changing the 1000 by the port of webmin.The domain name has to be real not invented, if so I need to point the dns of the browser PC to use the BIND server of the webmin server and that BIND service have configured IN A to the ip of the webmin server, which is useful when use in LAN and not in WAN or what is the same internal networks, it can be said that from outside that internal network the webmin service will not be accessible from outside the network when using a non-real domain and to access it will have to use the numeric IP instead and the SSL certificate will not be valid anymore. It uses domain names. domain is not real, certified in IANA, can not for example use the certificate of letsencrypt and will have to use a self-generated certificate

very BIG thanks Nazcar :slight_smile:

Nazcar my superman i opened new topic, please your advise