Changing Server name

Well, I am finally getting around to setting up my server VM Pro. Unfortunately, when I first installed it, I inadvertently gave it the name of a domain I want to host. I am assuming that the name appears in more locations than just the HOSTS file, so can anyone tell me the correct way to change the server name throughout VM completely?


Hrm… I don’t think the server name ends up being hard coded much at all – there’s probably not too much you’ll end up needing to change.

I think most programs obtain the name in a manner similar to running the “hostname” command, which polls /etc/hostname. So you’ll definitely want to update that (I’m pretty sure that’s what’s updated when you log into Virtualmin, then go into Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Hostname and DNS Client).

Aside from that, I suspect you won’t need to change much.

But, you certainly don’t want to risk any issues down the road, I might do a quick grep through the config files and verify that.

If your hostname is “coffee” (just to pick a random name that I’m enjoying at the moment :wink: – you could run this command:

find /etc | xargs grep coffee 2>/dev/null | less

However, that’ll get ugly if your hostname is too similar to other words in your configs :slight_smile: