Changing public_html directory

Hello I need to change the public_html directory of virtualserver to other virtualserver.

I have this scenario :

// Main site (with ssl)

// User sites (sub-server of main) (with own ssl)

The site I need it to show the public_html directory of

Edit: I got it working by editting /etc/apache/sites-available/ changing DocumentRoot. I this the right way?

Yeah its is the right way

@LeoSilver Do I need to change only DocumentRoot or other paths also . Can you share your config file; I tried your method but nothing happened.

Maybe using an alias domain would be a betterchoice? You can also generate an SSL cert from Let’s Encrypt that covers both domains.

Lets Encrypt has SAN Limit of 100. By using aliases you have to use a single certificate for all aliases thus not feasible for me.

worked after restarting apache.

is there any other way which can also be automated