Changing of Externally visible IP address

Hi guys
I am running virtualmin and are looking into changing ISP.

That means I get a new external IP address. Do I need to change that in my virtualmin installation and is there one place I can change it for everything?

My local address is still going to be the same som I am only changing the external IP address.


When my IP changes, Virtualmin detects the change and shows a warning / alert message on the Dashboard. In that message is a button to automatically apply the new IP address. I think this is the simplest and easiest way to bring about the change across the system.

Virtualmin + Webmin GUI too could be used manually change the IP address, if someone want to do it the hard(er) way…

Thanks for your reply. If I check under each virtual server:
Virtualmin > Server configuration > Change IP address
I can see that my external IP address is in that field. Is that the same case with you and is that the number that will be changed when I just change my ip address to another?
Thank you so much

Yes, that is correct. That’s the setting which will change.

I should also mention that this is not the only setting which will be changed, so it may not be enough just to change Virtualmin > Server configuration > Change IP address when the public IP address of a server changes.

Stupid question… what is Webmin GUI? Is that something that gives a better view than the web interface? :slight_smile:

We’ve gone off-topic so I will leave you with just this:

Got it thanks :slight_smile:

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