Changing IP addresses

Currently my virtualmin gpl installation in on a debian linux vps with network interfaces:
venet0:0 ip1
venet0:0 ip2

Virtualmin uses ip1 as id default, as well as for all virtual servers.

My hosting provider is going through an ip change and this is my current network stuff:

venet0:0 ip1 (will be gone in 8 days now)
venet0:1 ip2 (will be gone in 8 days now)
venet0:2 ip3 (new ip)
venet0:3 ip4 (new ip)

I am not sure what will happen, but i assume that when the old ip’s are removed, ip3 and ip4 will be on venet0:0 and 0:1.

How would you recommend handling this ip address change?


Well, even if your interfaces change, you’ll need to tell Virtualmin to update the current domains you have setup. Those IP’s are written in the Apache conf, Bind DNS, and the like.

You should be able to do most of those changes through "Addresses and Networking" -> "Change IP Address". Since your provider gave those to you already, you should be able to make those changes before your old IP goes away.

Also, you’ll want to verify the interface in System Settings -> Module Config -> Server Settings -> Network interface for virtual addresses. If it’s not set to detect automatically, just make sure it’s set to an interface that exists.

This all requires you make a lot of changes, so I’d make sure you get some good backups before moving forward :wink:

I don’t see that option:
“Addresses and Networking” -> “Change IP Address”

You’d have to be logged in as root to see that – “Addresses and Networking” is located along the left navigation pane.

Do you see any options at all in there?

I logged in as root and I just upgraded to the latest version of virtualmin. I still don’t see the option. The only two choices under “Addresses and Networking” are “Shared IP Addresses”
“Dynamic IP Update”


A few questions then:

  • What Virtualmin version are you using, and is it Pro or GPL?

  • What distro are you using?

  • What theme are you using?


Operating system Ubuntu Linux 7.04
Webmin version 1.430
Virtualmin version 3.62.gpl (GPL)

I am using the virtualmin framed theme, I don’t know what version.

I just updated the theme to version 6.2

Ahh, ok, so, it looks like this is a limitation of the GPL version of Virtualmin.

If you’re interested in changing the IP address, you’ll need to do each Virtual Server individually.

To do that, you can select the domain in question, then go into Server Configuration -> Change IP Address.