Changing how nginx server blocks are created

I create my nginx server blocks differently than the default creation. When I add a new virtual server, I have to go in and manually change the server block. During this time, the sites on the server become unreachable until I can get the manual edit for the server block in place. I need to either change how the server blocks are created for nginx or perhaps prevent the creation of the sym link in sites enabled until after I can make my edits. I understand this means editing core files and that I will have to keep that in mind when doing virtualmin upgrades.

Hi, why would virtualmin do want to make those changes? Just asking as it have nothing to do with it. Virtualmin is just middle man between your setup and distro you’re running. Give your self favour and close this out.

The server template does not change how the server blocks are created. I am guessing that is hardcoded. I am not the first to ask this question; I think three or four unanswered posts on it is in the archives.

I have a different way of working but it doesn’t matter. I can dig through the code and figure it out.

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But, it does, though? That’s what Server Templates are for.

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