Changing externally visible IP

I need to change the externally visible IP on my Virtualmin Pro box (the internal address is not changing). What is the best process for doing this, and will the changes migrate to all the virtual servers DNS settings etc.

I’m not seeing the option in Virtualmin -> Addresses and Networking.

Well, I may be misunderstanding what you’re after – but in Addresses and Networking -> Change IP address, you should be able to tell it to replace IP address “X” to address “Y” for all occurrences of the address.

Is that what you want, or is there something else you’re after?


Something else. The server’s IP address is, and sits on an internal LAN. This is not changing. What I’m looking to do is change the IP address the outside world uses to get to the server, at the firewall NAT level.

So I’m looking for a procedure to change the NAT’ed address while leaving the actual IP address the same.

Got it.

You can change that IP using System Settings -> Module Config -> Network Settings, and to change the settings in “Default IP address for DNS records”.

I also assume that you’ve updated the IP address on your NAT router.

If you had an IP address in the past, and you’re just looking to change it from one thing to another, you can use the “Change IP address” option in the Addresses and Networking to change the IP for existing Virtual Servers.


Thanks Eric. If I make this change, will be apply recursively to the existing virtual servers?

We updated the address in the NAT router already, which stopped things working :frowning:

So to do this correctly, I’d have to

  1. change the external root DNS settings to point to the new address externally managed domains
  2. go to System Settings -> Module Config -> Network Settings and change the “Default IP addres for DNS records”
  3. change the NAT on the router/firewall

Then wait for the dns changes to propogate.

Is this it? I don’t have to mess with postfix etc.?

Well, lets back up here.

Is your Virtualmin server acting as a DNS server?

Is the DNS feature enabled for your various Virtual Servers?

If not, you may not need to change anything on your server – you’d just need to change the DNS entries where ever those are set ATM.

In either case – you should not have to mess with things like Postfix (unless, of course, you added your old IP address into there for some reason, but that’s not the default :wink:


yes, the virtualmin server is acting as a dns server
yes, dns is enabled for all of the virtual servers

Some of the domains are registered off-site, and point to the virtualmin server and slave as the DNS authoritative DNS servers for the domain.

Okay, then the steps you mentioned above look correct.

For future reference, you might consider looking into the “Dynamic IP Update” option in Addresses and Networking.

It should handle all this work you’re doing now, except that it should happen automatically – you’d just need to setup a account.