Changing Existing user login format for IMAP / POP3 / FTP login (SOLVED)

I’m at a loss here. Help!

I read posts that say to change the format in the Server Templates, but that only seems to work with new accounts. I read one that said to change it under “Change domain name” but nothing there works.

I want the existing logins changed from first.last.domain to first.last@domain.tld

I can’t find anywhere to modify existing user accounts directly.


In Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain, you can set the username format there. But, that only is changed for new users. If you want to change existing users, you’d need to delete the account and re-add it.


Actually, I discovered that it is done under Webmin, under system/user and groups. I can can the existing user names here and it works fine.

At first I wanted the email address as the user name but discovered that because Postfix does not support the @ character it has to create two accounts, one with @ and the other with - , so I thought this was just too messy and might create more trouble later on. So I chose to use a simple one word user names, this is ok as long as no other domains are on the server or have duplicate names, so I removed my other domains from the server, opting to put them on their own servers to make it less complex.

This worked great, and the only thing I noticed was once I changed a user name the system automatically made it an alias pointing to the original user.domain format. Oh well…works great anyway.


I just noticed that none of my emails or alias emails were arriving at all…

I discovered that if I change the user names under webmin it not only creates the false alias entry but also changes the email accounts to “No” for primary email account.

I noticed I was not able to log into webmail with my alias accounts until I switched this back to the primary email account, and then I started receiving my mail again for main and alias, it also automatically removed the false alias entry.

I think this is a pretty serious bug, since now I have to manually fix hundreds of email accounts.

I could change all the usernames from Webmin > System > Users and Groups


@cifi changing users that way, also causes postfix problems. I have tried editing virtual aliases manually but couldn’t do anything. My guess would be it’s best to rename user the way you suggested, also rename/move his home directory.

Create new user with same email, and then use dovecot sync to move
old emails to new account…