Changing domain name --> www domain name disappears icons non www domain name working fine

Hi, a week ago i opened a thread asking for help for my links to be updated after a domain change done in virtualmin. I fixed the problem by going to wordpress Settings->General screen in a single site installation of WordPress, there are two fields named “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)”.

All is working fine but for some reason when i go the www form instead of the url without the www i see that some icons do not appear. So i used a plugin so that if someone types in www it redirects to the non-www which works fine. But when i do this the next day the redirect does not work and the icons disappear. For the redirect/canonical i use yoast plugin and i use a cache plugin called “Wordpress Fastest Cache” to speed up the site. Before doing the domain change all was working fine.

Any help appreciated why this is happening and how to solve this?

PS when i clear cache with the wordpress fastest cache plugin it redirects correctly. But it stops redirecting after a day or so.

Anyone who knows how to solve this issue?

hi, well I would disable that caching plugin which is useless and give you this problems. I would rather enable gzip and cache in apache and place small code into htaccess to make your site fast. its usually fastest and obviously best way to do cache and you wont need some crazy plugins.

Hi Unborn, thanks for the reply.

I am using Debian Linux 7.9(Wheezy)
So you are sure that the problem lies with the caching plugin. Yes i know the more plugins you use the slower the site can be. But i have minimal plugins on my site and the cache plugin i use is lightweight. If you are sure the problem is with the cache plugin could you let me know in details how to enable gzip and cache and which code i should place in htacces file.
thank you

hi mitdrissia,

sure, just pop into irc channel #virtualmin if you can… it would be really easy to chat in live as we go with tweaking… i mean you know how to connect there? my nick is same as username for years… feel free to pm me at any time… im in UK time zone so if you are in other time zone it may get some time lag but I will always reply. - even if I am not there… just pm me. this is trivial issue and we could solve this in few minutes. I will give you my site details so you can check it out for your self my wp setup and apache and all other things… real test is better then words. BTW - you should update your debian :wink: (just friendly advice - it works better as usual) - well I guess - I’ll see you there :slight_smile: