Changing default nameservers


I installed the virtualmin recently and add “” in main name servers during the post installation wizard.

Now i wanted to change them to “” and “

i read some threads where it was mentioned to go to System Settings > Server Templates > Bind DNS domain and add “” in M"aster DNS server hostname" and “” in “Additional manually configured nameservers”

I did this but got an error that additional ns2 nameserver dont exist

I searched again and find that i have to add ns1.domain and ns2.domain in Webmin > Networking > Network Configuration > Host Address

i added new host record and add “” and “” to the IP.

Now I can see the and in DNS records but its showing me the error that doesn’t resolve to any IP address.

any one can help please

Did you create an A record for name servers? NS records are only pointers to A records, and so they merely delegate authority for the zone to the servers listed. They don’t actually define the name to IP mapping.

Hi joe,

I am not talking bout the PRIVATE NAME SERVERS where you have to manually put A servers against the NS records.

I am talking about the default config. In my new server I just added as primary nameserver in post installation wizard and as additional nameserver.
Its working fine.