Changing default nameservers

I’m moving my main domain over to a new server I have and I’m trying to change my old NS to new ones with a domain still on that server. Where can I edit the nameservers originally put into the config when the server is made? Is there a way to change them all at once? I’d also like to edit the SOA now.

You can edit the nameservers used by Virtualmin for new domains in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> BIND DNS Domain.

To edit NS records for an existing domain from within Virtualmin, you’d need to go into Server Configuration -> DNS Records.

It’s possible to make changes to all DNS records at once by using the command line tools. To see the available options, you can run “virtualmin modify-dns”. You’d likely need to first run a command to remove the “NS” records, and then run another command in order to add the new ones.


How may I edit the start of authority record to my new domain? I already went ahead and changed them all manually.