Changing an owners webmin modules after intial virtual server setup

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.4
Webmin version 2.105
Usermin version 2.005
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Theme version 21.09.5
Package updates 61 package updates are available


When I setup my virtual server I used the default server template and in particular I made sure the terminal was off.

Virtualmin --> System Settings --> Server Templates --> Default -> Administrators Webmin modules.

The problem

How can I re-enable terminal for a particular user as I now want that user to have the terminal?

Infact if I changed the server template it would be nice if this was reflected in all relevant users.

Things I have looked at

  • I could not edit the user in webmin because controlled by Virtualmin
  • Edit Virtual server does not have anything useful for this
  • Edit owner limits under Other restrictions has hide webmin modules category in menu
  • Limits and validation does not have a reset for administration webmin modules so I cant change it in the template and then push the changes.

Have I missed an obvious setting again :smile:

Thanks in advanced for any help

That setting is default.

All my servers were created with Terminal set to No

Logged in as Admin (I don’t let my virtual server users from be Webmen users)
All users have Terminal in the Virtualmin menu and open with user@serv:~$

(Even when I login with the one server user I have with full Webmin admin privileges)

But under Webmin > Tools > Terminal opens with root@serv:~#

For a user to login to Webmin at all they have to be a Webmin user. If they are a Webmin user you can control their modules under

Webmin Users > Edit Webmin User > Available Webmin modules

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Can’t you have a new plan for that user that has a separate template where it in enabled?
Or maybe its just a separate template for just that owner.


  • I know that the terminal will opena s the user from the virtualmin side or as the root if you go in via webmin. This requires you to log in as virtualmin administrator.
  • Webmin Users > Edit Webmin User > Available Webmin modules is not possible


  • All I want to do is turn terminal on in the dashboard for a current user/server owner
  • i don’t want to setup another plan and server template. I just want the one called developer
  • I do think what modules are available or not, should be in the Plan and and not server template.

Did Virtualmin have a feature to alter Webmin module availability after setup and it has been removed or is this something that is missing?

well in the days before fancy warnings I was doing this all the time

I.E ignore the warning and continue anyway, to date I have not had a setting overwritten perhaps the link ‘click here’ should be moved to a button next to ‘Return to user list’ and titled ‘Edit anyway’ to make it a bit more clear ?? IDK just adding a comment

@jimr1 thanks for the feedback, this would be ok for micro managing the occasional user but for a hosting company with staff it might not be the best as you would have to keep records of what has been done.

I think that this needs a feature request. I just thought there was a way to change this through Virtualmin and that I was being stupid. This appears to be a missing feature.

Perhaps a hosting company would have a policy in place to either supply a terminal or not, so even if customer asks for a terminal the company policy response would be an emphatic NO or Yes if the company has allowed the terminal to be used by customers

terminal is the example I am using as I am having an issue, but this could be pushed to any webmin module going forward.

So the hosting companies policy should dictate what modules are available and their staff should stick to it, I don’t see a point of adding more options to virtualmin/webmin as you are aware virtualmin/webmin has lots of configurable options, which for new system admins is daunting enough without adding more, for a small gain for maybe a few system admins

Absolutely, but policies change

My proposals will make managing these options easier from within Virtualmin which is the whole point of Virtualmin. The will make it more useable. Otherwise you could say just use Webmin for everything :smile: , which you could do.

I am not an experienced Linux guy and would like everything easy and through a GUI.

you don’t find the amount of configurable items in virtualmin/webmin daunting then ?

Yes and no.

At first there seems to many options but really the amount of settings is not the issue, it is how they have been laid out and implemented.

You can see over time where things have been bolted on to add functionality but ease of use went out the window, that is why I have been making suggestions that improve the usability of Virtualmin and some have been taken on board, others pending.

For instance the ability to have separate MySQL users for databases now is great for security and a much better practice (Pro Feature), but you can do a similar thing through Webmin however there might be differences such as when you backup a virtual server i.e. I have not fully tested a restore with manually configured users.

90% of people should be able to do everything through Virtualmin and only occasionally use Webmin.

This sort of means split the 2 products & have virtualmin stand alone product rather than a webmin module, I for one have some webmin only installs (due to the fact those servers do not need the services that virtualmin offers). But you are right … some features you would expect to be in webmin are only added when you install the virtualmin module, so yes things have been bolted on here & there

The team are very responsive to suggestions and that is why instead of me moaning and saying oh I don’t like this etc… I spend some time doing GitHub issues for bugs and features. In fact I think I have a load more to get added :smile:

I love the flexibility Webmin/Virtualmin gives you but I definitely had to learn a lot and that is my I wrote my instructions so it is a lot easier of a journey to get started with this setup.

Well that is when your customers are told that between the hours of x and y on day z there server is going down for maintenance and just reset the whole thing with the new options available and restore the customer data ?

there is no way to reset/change the webmin administrator module options, that is the problem.

It appears that the terminal permission are read from the relevant server template setting, but there are some issues with menu visibility.

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