Change webmin hostname without changing real Ubuntu hostname

I would like to change Webmin hostname in “Hostname and DNS Client” to be FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) but at the same time I don’t want Webmin to change my Ubuntu - /etc/hostname - which is not FQDN
For example I want on System Info in Webmin to be “System hostname”: FQDN =
but if I login to system over ssh I want something like: user@mylinuxbox:~#

Is this possible? Because If I change Hostname using: , and I change hostname there I directly change /etc/hostname.

Nah, not possible. That wouldn’t work properly and you would have issues with dns and other things.

It’s possible, it’s just really freaking complicated. It would require manually configuring all services to know what the FQDN is, since they usually check the OS. I’m not going to tell you how, because I don’t know off-hand every single thing you’d need to configure, but it would be a lot of tiny changes across a lot of services.

Regardless, it is a bad idea. Why do you want to do it? (Even if you have really good reason, I’m not gonna help, as it’d take me hours to research/test an answer, but I’m curious why you’d want to do this.)

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@JoeUser , and @unborn thank you for your answers.
I want that because I don’t want my server to be as FQDN as simple as that. If I use FQDN as my server name than I have other problems with hosting other domains on same machine.

And to get worse now Virtualmin is not supported in Ubuntu 20.04LTS …

That doesn’t make sense.

Ubuntu 20.04 will be supported soon. Probably next week sometime.

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I hope this is true. I saw a questions about that and answers that Virtualmin will be compatible with Ubuntu 20.04LTS in March 2020… and still isn’t. I believe it is a lot of work involved and I believe you guys are doing all the best.

Hello, @Joe ,
I wonder how is it going with Virtualmin , any news about Virualmin for Ubuntu20.04?

@Markoamb - there is news around here in this great forums… - which will tell you when - its here:

Virtualmin Downloads Virtualmin Pro Support Virtualmin GPL Support Report the bug you found in Virtualmin Virtualmin Premium Support Virtualmin IRC chat

Lovely dear sir @unborn
I have a lot of time to search among zillions of news.
I think I am going to leave Virtualmin / Webmin despite I still have licence and will go with something that already WORK with Ubuntu 20.04 without waiting and searching for news when it is going to be released.
I also believe that a lot of stuff in Virtualmin will not work. Never did.
Sorry guys.

Probably for the best. Good luck to you.

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@Markoamb great, well what can else I could say, go for it.

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