Change username for migrated email from Cpanel


I’m having problems migrating accounts from Cpanel to Virtual Servers in Virtualmin. The old usernames from Cpanel are set as (plus symbol being the problem!)

As I’ve discovered this isn’t one of the options available under System > Server Templates > Mail for Domain however I saw somewhere that you can manually change the username under Webmin > System > Users & Groups. There aren’t that many accounts to change so this would be a solution, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work?!

To try it out, I’ve migrated the Cpanel account to a new Virtual Server and logged in to the email account via Outlook, changing the username from to name.domain and it sends/receives as I would expect.

I’ve then changed the username via Webmin > System > Users & Groups to, checking in Virtualmin, under Edit Users for this Virtual Server, I can see the username as so all looks right, however, when I attempt to access the email account via Outlook it fails login.

Any ideas what I might be missing? I’ve tried stopping/starting Postifx & Dovecot but still it fails. If I switch back to name.domain via Webmin it works again.

Can anyone help me out here, else I’ll have to ask customers to change their mail client logins, not the end of the world but would really like to avoid if I can.

Thanks in advance



Well, I’m not entirely certain what sorts of issues to expect when dealing with a username containing a + character in it.

However, when trying to login using Outlook – what error are you seeing in your mail logs – that’s in /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log.


Hi Eric

Thanks for taking a look at this, unfortunately, the maillog has no reports of login failures or any activity while I am trying to get connected with Outlook.

I have noticed after I change the user name under Webmin > System > Users & Groups, when I go back to Virtualmin and check the user under Edit Users it now has the users email address as: (before it was just name.domain

When I look at the Edit Users screen (where I can see all users for this virtual server) it says the IMAP login is (which is what I’m after) but I assume this change to the actual email address is somehow confusing the hell out of it!

Unfortunately if I edit the user to try and get it back to just it gives me an error:

Failed to save mailbox : A mailbox or mail alias with the same name and domain already exists

I can’t find any mail alias for this account, nor any others with this name.

I guess by editing the user in Webmin has just totally messed up this user account - maybe I should just bite the bullet and ask customers to adjust their user account settings in their mail clients, but any other advice you might have would be greatly appreciated!