Change to FCGId doesnt work (multiple PHP versions)


For some reason (I will check template), I have one domain running on Apache mod_php mode.
When I try to change to FCGId, no errors on the process, but it doesnt change anything.

Where can I change this… or there is some kind of log file?

Best regards,
Cristovao Oliveira

We’d need to see the relevant Apache config sections. It’s possible mod_php is happening at a level that Virtualmin isn’t expecting. There may (or may not) be permissions/ownership changes that are needed when switching from mod_php to any other execution mode (since mod_php runs as Apache user).

Hi Joe,

I already understand what is the problem on my case (and fix it). It was actually running on FCGI but virtualmin was not detecting it.
On this domain I am running Laravel and changed default public folder (from public_html to public), default public setting on Laravel projects. I have changed this setting directly on my domain custom apache file.

Since then, virtualmin is not able to detect this setting. I was able to detect this on “Limits and Validation” -> “Validate Virtual Servers” options.

To fix this, I simply set “public” on website documents sub-directory and virtualmin already detects all ok.

Note: If you want to change/manage PHP version on this case, it is also not possible… Only directly on Apache domain config file.

Best regards,
Cristovao Oliveira

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