change the default redirects for mailman?

Hi Folks,

My mailman redirects for customers were failing because, of course, they point to the customers’ sites which do not have SSL certificates. I fixed this by manually changing the redirects in httpd.conf to point to a general purpose secure site I run for this purpose.

Where can I go to edit the default values for things like this in a non-volatile way? (read: won’t break when I upgrade virtualmin later) Is this part of the template config somewhere?

Best, and thanks in advance,

To clarify, I mean the defaults used to create the httpd.conf entries when the domain is initially created.


You can tweak the settings used for Mailman by going into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, look for where it says “Mailman”, and click the “Configure” link next to that.

On that screen, you can specify what URL to use for the Mailman links that are added into the Apache config.