Change the cloudmin subdomain

Hi all,

I have only a little question.

What must I do to change the standard cloudmin subdomain (cloudmin.domain.tld) in an existing installation to a differently named subdomain, so that all new VMs are created in the new subdomain?

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I would like to know howto do this as well :slight_smile:

I have found the way.

  1. Create your subdomain in your bind-server
  2. Edit the config-file /etc/webmin/server-manager/config on your cloudmin-server
    Change the values for xen_zone, vserver, zone_zone to your new subdomain and restart the webmin-deamon.
  3. Your registred (XEN-)Hostssystems have also a config-file for cloudmin. You can find the files in /etc/webmin/servers/. Here you must edit the config-file for your (XEN-)Hostsystem and change the value for xen_zone to your new subdomain.

That has worked for me.