Change Server IP at SolusVM Control Panel, what is the best way to change it in Webmin-Virtualmin, thanks

OS type and version CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1
Related packages SUGGESTED

Perl version 5.016003
Path to Perl /ust/bin/per
Python version 2.7.5
Path to Python bin/python27
BIND version 9.11
Postfix version 2.10.1
Mail injection command /ust/lib/sendmail-t
Apache version 2.4.6
PHP versions 5.4.16, 5.6.25, 7.1.30, 7.3.33, 8.1.15
Webalizer version 2.23-05
Logrotate version 3.8.6
MariaDB version 5.5.68
ProFTPD version 1.35
SpamAssassin version 3.4.0
ClamAV version 0.99.2

Hello to all,
The data center requested me to change the IP of a Centos 7 Virtual Server at SolusVM Control Panel. My questions:

  1. If I change the Server IP at SolusVM Control Panel, then when I enter in Webmin/Virtualmin, will it detect the change and request me to change to the new IP?

  2. If response to question 1 is Yes, if I acknowledge the change in Webmin/Virtualmin, it will automatically change the IP and Name Servers (NS) records for all the shared hosting domains of the server?.

I do not want to make any mistake, it is a production server, if the answer to question No. 1 is No, is there a link to the right procedure to change the server IP and the shared hosting domains in a fast and easiest way?.

At Domain Registrar level, before changing the IP via SolusVM Control Panel, I will change the domain DNS’s IP with the new IP for the server.

I have read these pages:

This old 2008)

Y also read some other forum post, but have not found a similar case.
Thanks in advance for your input.

Wow ok then. This is one of those jobs that can go pete tong really fast. I’m going to assume you only have a single IP Address ? and its worth noting that I’m a VMWare guy and I’m not sure what SolusVM is. Anyhow…

The answer here depends on your specific setup. If you are brave enough to have your Centos box directly connected to the internet and the IP you’re changing is a public one, then changing the IP at the OS level will need to be the first step, then an ifdown/ifup or reboot or restart networking whichever you prefer.

Assuming you did this correctly, and the new IP is reachable, then you’ll need to fix up virtualmin using the Change IP Addresses in the Addressing and Networking section.

If on the other hand you’re not brave enough, and have a local dc IP that is NAT’ed or Proxied then you’ll need to update the private IP first, then update your NAT/Proxy to point to the new address. Virtualmin will again need the Change IP Addresses so you can change the private IP for all servers.

IF it were me, and its not, but say it is, then I’d spool up another virtual network adapter in the vm, then add that as a second interface in the OS, set that with the NEW ip, check all that works and is reachable, then move the default route to that iface and then down the original. I’ll still need to make good with Virtualmin and change the IP’s there but if you don’t have physical access AND its a production server then this is an option to consider.

Whatever you do, if your VM platform supports snapshots, then use them :wink: if not another form of OS backup is highly recommended.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @GENLTD for your valuable information.

  1. I first verified the IP with MX Tools, it was clean, I tested the IP with one personal domain I have on the server, it worked fine, I did manual changes in the BIND server of VPS and Server Configuration >.Chang IP Address, Change NS at the Registrar and it worked fine.
    Change for the Server:
  2. In Solus VM Control Panel > Network > I set the new IP as Main IP address.
    2.1 I saw in Webmin > Networking > Network Configuration a second Network Interface with the new IP
    2.2 In the Domain Registrar I created additional Name Servers for the server domain
    2.3 Then in Webmin > Networking > Create Host Address, I enabled the new IP address and provided the host names.
    2.4 The Server provider added a second Network Interface
    2.5 Then I changed the IP for all hosting accounts using Virtualmin:
    VIRTUALMIN>Lower Menu > Addresses and Networking > Change IP Addresses:
    IPv4 address of servers to update=Current IP
    New IPv4 address = New IP
    All Servers is checked
    Change Now <
    And fortunately It worked.
    I guided by this document too: Need to Change Servers Shared IP | Virtualmin

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