Change root Webmin password and now cannot login with new or old password

OS type and version Debian 9
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1

I have VMware ESXi (ESXi-6.7.0) and installed Debian 9 for web server, panel using Webmin 1994. and today I just reset the Webmin root password for the first time and now I can’t log into Webmin/Virtualmin with root level, even though I’m sure the root password is correct. but other user with level common user can login to Virtualmin.

When I try to login into debian using both a new root password or old password cannot login into debian

How can I reset or get the root user again?, resetting the root from debian or any other method?

Oh btw, how to i change webmin password on menu: WebminSystemChange Passwords



It depends what type of authentication Webmin user is using.

The easiest way which will work in either way would be:

webmin passwd root

Thanks for replying my thread.
I’m a little bit confused. where i should type that command?
Because I can’t login into Debian or Webmin root.


You can only use this command when logged in via console or SSH.

If you completely lost access to your server, there is no easy way to do it. You would need to KVM to your server and boot grub in safe mode to reset the password … or boot from USB and mount your local /etc partitio, and manually modify the hash in /etc/shadow file.

How did you reset the password in the first place? Are you sure that caps lock key wasn’t enabled when you entered the password?

You never save in browser?