Change root password best practice?

What is the best way to change the the root password that is used by the system and the superuser in virutalmin/webmin? Will changing this password impact the two registered webmin servers I use for DNS slaves? Is there anything else that could be impacted by changing the root password?

On a side note, what is the best approach to allow a user to have the equivilent privileges as root, so that we can show accountability in the logs etc. for system management tasks.


I would change password through logging into the box over ssh and type: passwd

then type in the password and confirm. The slaves shouldn’t be affected by this as they have (normally) other passwords.

You can create a user in webmin-webmin-webmin users and give that user access to certain modules he needs to handle. You can create a group or several groups with different access modes and add types of admins to those groups.

A group that handles only virtual-servers, a group to handle DNS, etc.

I wouldn’t give root access that easily, in a big corporation such as were I work, only a few mandated users (normally teamleaders) have root access and they report to 1 or 2 managers, who in their turn have to report to a managing director, who in his turn needs to, … well you get the picture…

Every task done on the server is being documented by the technicians

There’s tons of docs on the subject of ACLs and users and groups in Webmin here: