Change php global configuration for all

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.5
Related packages Php
I just wana know how can i edit php settings globaly. I have 6 versions of php and its killing me to modify php.ini for php8.2 php 8.1 php8.0 php7.4 php7.3 php7.2 php 7.1 php5.6 , for each subdomain and domain from etc. any settins to change auto , ex when i modify php8.2 settings to modify on all domains and subdomains wich running that version of php. from this screenshot i need to change for cgi fpm etc. Webmin → Tools->Php Configuration
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I am no php expert, but could you cut back to major releases, eg 5.6, 7.4 and 8.2 ?

Generally, there aren’t issues between updates within a major release.

Also, why would you need to edit setting for eg 5.6? Old release, must be an old site, what needs to be edited for that?

my question is how to modify globaly the php settings. when you create a subdomain the php settings will bin in etc homes . i just wana edit the php 8.2 settings and change for all domains subdomains wich use php 8.2. This is an example. if you go to webmin tools php configuration and change settings not apply for domains subdomains etc. I`m using php 5.6 for old websites.

Use Webmin, Tools, PHP Configuration.
Start with /etc/php.ini, then do /php74/php.ini etc. No need to do the php-fpm lines.
Then go Webnin, System, Bootup and Shutdown and restart the php-fpm service.

The catch is that if you have made edits to individual domains, those edits over ride the global edits, so you can either edit them all and set them back to default or you have to keep on editing them individually.

Webmin, Tools, PHP Configuration i have only specific php versions , /etc/php7.4/fpm,cli,cgi same for php8.2 etc

It probably depends how you installed the various php versions.
My Vmin server is only about 4 months old and based on RHEL 9 so would be different to yours.

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