Change Passwords problems

I’m using the GPL version and ran into a problem with users not being able to change their passwords.

They click on "Change Passwords" in the menu and they get the error "You do not have access to any users to change their passwords".

Is there a reason why this is happening or have I missed a configuration setting someplace for access ?

I have same problem. My system is: Centos 5.3 with LDAP. I could change LDAP password with standard Unix command ‘passwd’, but could not do it with any virtualmin modules including ‘Change password’, ‘LDAP User&Group’, ‘User & Group’.

BTW, ‘LDAP User & group’ module reported: “Failed to modify user in LDAP database : structural object class modification from ‘person’ to ‘inetOrgPerson’ not allowed” error when I change it.

How can I get proper configuration?