Change or set storage path after install? VPS is small , storage goes in mount

Hello, I just setup a VPS, this VPS has Debian and virtualmin but has only 30Gb of storage, so then i mount a NFS share to a large NAS where I would like all the storage to be done.

How can i tell Virtualamin to use this new path for all storage? webserver, email storage etc?

all pointers and suggestions are welcomed.
re install is possible, but i did not see an option to suggest a path .

I recommend you don’t do that. Mount your additional storage on /home, and then nothing needs to change.

Note also that NFS often has trouble with more than 16 secondary groups (i.e. more than a handful of domains in Virtualmin). You need to consult your file server docs to sort out the necessary mount options, and if the NFS implementation they provide is new enough to support more secondary groups.

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