Change NS name

Can I change the listed NS name in virtualmin? Will there be any problems associated with changing the name?

I guess we need a little more info to answer this. What NS name are you refering to?

Public name servers ( the ones from your provider) you just change in the network configuration and then reboot, to make sure the changes take affect.

Your own name servers? Feel free to change them in VM, that isn’t a problem. Just make sure the names are appropriately changed at the registrar level or you will have problems. Changes could take up to 48 hours for propagation, but I’ve really never seen it take that long myself.

hope that covers what you were asking.


edited: Sorry, if you meant the NS record on a domain, feel free, but again, it will take time for that info to propagate the world network.<br><br>Post edited by: DanLong, at: 2007/11/01 06:37