Change IP Address failed

OS type and version Debian 9
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 71-1
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ISP upgraded my modem and couldn’t keep my old static IPs so I had to change them in virtualmin to update them. Now I get “Warning - errors were found in this domain’s DNS records : NS record cannot be resolved to an IP address” any ideas how to get this to resolve correctly? It also seems there may be a firewall issue since I can’t seem to ping any of the domains either where I could before.

Did you change the IPs for the nameservers with the registrar?

I use godaddy and they don’t ask for IPs when assigning nameservers. Just the gets entered. I tried to look for that but there is nowhere to input IPs with godaddy. Even their tutorial doesn’t show any ips required on their end.

You have to assign the IP for the nameserver itself. I don’t know what GoDaddy calls it, but it should be something like “register nameservers” or something along those lines, and will be in the domain to which the nameservers belong.

What you’re thinking of is assigning the nameservers for domains hosted on the server. For that you need only the nameservers’ names. To register the nameservers themselves, you need the IP addresses.


On the phone with godaddy and they aren’t hosting my DNS my virtualmin/webmin is hosting dns and giving me the above error. New IPs not propagating it’s been a good 24 hrs since I did change IP now option in change IP address under server configuration. Is there anywhere else I should be concerned that need to be checked?

They say the server is not providing an zone file to the internet or still has the old IPs listed on them. Where do I find these to change?

Registering the nameserver is not the same as providing DNS.

Apparently GoDaddy called them “host names.”

This one is a bit clearer, but from a third party.


Debian 11 is out… check it out…

Ya they didn’t reference that at all. I’ll update you in 90 Minutes after they update it on their end to see if this resolves the issue.

Many years ago, GoDaddy was worth the inflated prices because the support was great and the people providing it were smart.

Nowadays… not so much.

Anyone working for a registrar and listening to you explain your problem should have immediately understood what was wrong and what you needed to do to fix it; and either done it for you or explained how to do it yourself.

For future reference: Any time you create a new server that has its own nameservers on the hostname’s domain, you have to register the nameservers; and if the IP addresses change, you have to register the changes.

That can be a handy thing if you’re migrating all of the accounts from one server to another. You create identical nameservers on the new server, and register them when everyone has been migrated. Then the clients don’t have to do anything on their ends.

In the meantime, during the migration, you can just add A entries in the DNS zones on the losing server pointing to the gaining server as you migrate each account over. If you time it right, the clients won’t even know they were migrated.


use this web site to help

Thanks Richard, I do remember that now from years ago but again they’ve changed their site like a million times since I last have had to do this on my own accounts…

My pleasure.

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