Change images default path


I need to change path for default path where DomU images are stored.
I have debian6 xen and cloudmin.

I know we cannot do that from interfaces so i looked into cloudmin engine.
I found this and change it to my path:

this is default path:

this is the file where it is mentioned:


Ok i have change it but now i new images are saved in both location.
I did a very deep search to find where cloudmin have default path configured but i couldn’t find it.

Please tell me where exactly is this configuration file that have an option for default images folder.

Thank you very much


Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking, you may be able to do just that from the Cloudmin UI… if you go into Cloudmin -> Cloudmin Settings -> Image Storage Locations, you can set where images are stored by default.

As you saw, those normally go into /var/webmin/server-manager.


Thank you for your answare. I couldn’t find this option, i read somewhere that cloudmin for xen doesn’t have this option.

I need to change it manually from ssh console.
Can someone be kind to tell me which file do i need to modify to change default path for cloudmin downloaded images?

End of story

First time i have search a way to move images automatically from default destination ‘/var/webmin/server-manager’ to a secondary hdd.

After hours of search i figure it out that it’s easy make a lvm on second hdd and mount /var/webmin/server-manager to it. And it works like that fine.

I have chose lvm so that i can modify his size easy without losing any data.

We can close this topic.