Change from postfix to sendmail fresh install

I have a new defualt install of RHEL 4 and want to change from postfix to sendmail and i am having no luck. If anyone can give me the procdure for this i would be grateful.

I should have said "I have a new defualt install of RHEL 4 and virtualmin pro"

Hey John,

Sorry for the slow reply on this (I’ve been in the midst of a move to California…I’m still living out of boxes, but at least the laptop is handy and there’s WiFi all around here in Mountain View).

Switching to Sendmail can be done with the following steps (this assumes you don’t have any domains created with Postfix…that makes the change more complicated):

  1. Use "alternatives" to switch the system default links for the various mail command executables. The exact command would be:

alternatives --config mta

Then select /usr/sbin/sendmail.sendmail (number 1, probably).

  1. Configure Virtualmin to use Sendmail in the Module Config.

All done.

If you have created any accounts with Postfix as the MTA, you’ll have to convert the virtuals map from Postfix format to Sendmail format.

I am trying to do the same thing, but not a fresh install. However, none of the current virtual servers have email enabled. Is the procedure still the same?



Yes, if you don’t have any Virtualmin managed mailboxes setup…switching won’t cause any trouble. If mail was enabled for the existing virtual servers (even if you didn’t create mailboxes), you’ll still want to disable and re-enable mail for the virtual server(s) in question.