Certificates, what to do?

OS type and version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED

As i’m new in these things, i prefer ask :wink:
what choise btw: add keys, openGPG key manager or there is a key stored in Virtualmin server that i can add in the personal certificates tab?

Go to Usermin (for your email address). Go to the Usermin tab, Applications, GPG Encryption, fill in the blanks, Setup GPG.

Note, the people you email with, would also need to setup OpenPGP for their email address, for them to be able to read and send end-to-end encrypted emails with you.

Hello Chris_c, so is bettere don’t use?

End-to-end encryption for email requires everyone you email with to have pre-shared public keys with you and you with them.

Encrypted communication from the client to the server is enabled by default in Virtualmin (though you need to get a certificate for one of your VIrtualmin-managed domains and possibly choose it as your default cert for Dovecot and Postfix).

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I’m in favor of configuring it. You don’t have to use it for every email you send. Maybe your family or friends or co-workers or classmates configure end-to-end (PGP) on their email address. The end-to-end is optional for each message that you send.

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