Certificate mixup


We need to be able to make a cleanup in this certificate mixup that we have and we need your help please.

Let say’s that we have many virtual servers that use subdomain CNames, like:


and so on… (We have around 100 of these)

Actually, few ones take their certificate from others and others take their from others… Exemple:


take their certificates from test.com



Take their certificates from 3.test.com


Take their certificates from 7.test.com

(I think you understand what i mean)

It’s a serious mixup that can bring us many problems… Exemple, if we delete or if we have a problem with 3.test.com, all the others that take their certificates from it will stop to work properly.

So, we need your help to make ALL THE VIRTUAL SERVERS THAT WE WANT, to use their certificates from test.com

How can we achieve it?

Thanks in advance!

Can i have some help please???

It seems that your support service lost a lot of effectiveness since your website update… (I’m a paid customer by the way).

My question is an emergency… I woke up with many angry customers this morning exactly because of this situation again.

Thanks to help me fast with this.

Seems that the problem came from virtual server backups that we imported into the new servers (restored virtual servers).

Seems that some old values in a database can not be changed.

Anyway, if i edit the directives of a virtual server and i point the ssl stuff somewhere else, it continu to use the old values taken somewhere that i dont know. I need to know where these values are stored to make modification.

Ok, so, we found that we can fix our problem by ourself IF we can know from where the [ssl_same=] value is taken from when we clone or when we create a virtual server.

Possibly related is the issue I had with my certs getting all messed up after requesting an additional Let’s Encrypt cert:

There could be a bug in how Virtualmin distinguishes certs separately. It’s weird how my server got messed up considering each virtual server has a separate Apache config file. Suddenly, one pre-existing self-signed cert was being given for all websites and subdomains.
I found that Virtualmin retains the corrupted state even after disabling SSL, so it would be nice to see a certificate cleanup/recheck option added so I can start over. I wouldn’t want to cause chaos by doing some manual editing which conflicts with the state Virtualmin stores in it’s database.