Central dashboard for multiple virtualmins?

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We run multiple virtualmin instances and instead of opening each one to review metrics, is there some kind of “virtualmin central” or centralized dashboard where we can view all systems on one dashboard? Not sure if there are plugins out there or if cloudmin offers that (can’t really find any information on cloudmin or screen shots which would be ideal).

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I am pretty sure that there is none. But I also run more than one version (boxes in different locations or completely different “groups” of users and apps) so I also like this idea.

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Is there nothing in the cluster functions. I don’t know as i only use clustering for dns

I think clustering lets you change between boxes, but otherwise, everything is separate as far as I could tell.

Had a look you can update servers and edit users etc by the looks of it

I also had a look and am not sure how that helps with the concept.
The drop down when you add only knows about the box you are using Webmin on and knows nothing about any of the other boxes. Indeed how could it? They could (probably are) in different physical and unconnected locations. The boxes each have different hostnames and only can be connected by IP address and access permission.

Just add a new server from the webmin servers index page ->register a new server fill out the form and that will add a server to the cluster

I’d like to try it. but at the moment only have one development VS box (the others are all live production boxes) and I daren’t screw them up ATM. I’ll see if I can spin up a new one later to try it out.

I too like this idea, it could be a pro only feature.


look at clustering, I have be looking more deeply into this over the last few days

  1. you can create cron jobs that run on any or all of the servers in the cluster

  2. you can install packages on any or all of the servers in the cluster

  3. you can run commands on any or all of the servers in the cluster
    here is an example of running the command ‘service mysql status’

  4. there is a more you can do with it but I have not explored it yet

so there is already support for certain things perhaps this just needs to be expanded or you could just create shell scripts ( in root’s path on all the servers you manage and run them from cluster run command option)
comparing software packages between 2 servers

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