Centos8 - Virtualmin - Suexec DOC_ROOT, perl scripts

Hello, Moving from Centos7 to Centos8 (Virtualmin in both cases) made perl scripts stop running from the domains (they work in root). The issue is explained here:

I am running PHP in FPM so no problem for php scripts, I need to solve the CGI problem. I will not recompile anything, this is a production server…

Found this: Virtualmin – Suexec command on your system is configured to only run scripts under /var/www – scunster.co.uk

The point is that I have no /etc/apache2 directory

Any suggestion to fix this so perl scripts can run in any domain, in apache?

Thank you

My understanding of this is that Virtualmin does not offer CGI functionality in CentOS 8. If you want to offer this under Virtualmin, you will have to use something other than C8.

Well I solved the problem by disabling suexec for the virtual domains with perl scripts. The correct way is to recompile with /home instead of /var/www for suexec.

The post you link is not an explanation. For CentOS 8, we no longer rebuild Apache for suexec in /home, as you note.

Jamie has been working on support for fcgiwrap, but the version of Apache in CentOS 8 does not support it (but nginx on CentOS 8 does, so this is the one weird instance of nginx working more easily with CGI than Apache…but if you need CGI, at this point, we just recommend you use a distro other than CentOS). But, the better answer is “don’t use CGI”. There are many other/better ways to run web apps. Perl has several good app servers available.

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