CentOS7: switch to MySQL

Hello great Forum , the question is in the Subject: Is it possible to switch from MariaDB(the centos7 default ) to MySQL ( ex: with oracle mysql yum repo ) without breaking compatibilty or future things ?

Is there any specific reason why you would go back to something with more bugs, more problems, not truly opensource, with less new features and testing… and so on?


If you’re interested in MySQL – rather than change out the software that comes with CentOS, my suggestion would be to go with a distribution that offers the software you are after… that would be the best way to get a well supported and maintained set of packages.

If CentOS doesn’t provide your preferred database, you could always go with Debian 8 or Ubuntu 14.04, which both provide MySQL.


Thank you for the reply.

Diabolico: no specific reason, i always worked on mysql, even i’m going to host some custom cms. so i don’t know if they run on mariadb. not after a test.

andreychek: yes i tried virtualmin both on centos7 and debian8, i see that debian8 have oracle mysql… but i prefer centos7 for web hosting. But no problem on using debian, i know both