CentOS4.4 + centosplus = no install

I installed CentOS 4.4, and updated it, then I ran the centosplus update to get MySQL 5.0.22 and PHP 5.??

Then I try to run the virtualmin install.sh and get the output below. Is this because I did the centosplus update? Now is probably not the right time to ask, but how does one get virtualmin to install on MySQL 5 and PHP 5?

[[root@test]]# /bin/sh ./install.sh
: command not found7:
: command not found12:
: command not found19:
': not a valid identifierport: LANG : command not found22: '/install.sh: line 23: syntax error near unexpected token in
'/install.sh: line 23: `case $1 in

Anyone here do professional installs?



I would start by reading this FAQ entry:


What type of server are you using? Is it a virtual dedicated server, or a physical dedicated server?


Oh lordy, not centosplus! (NOTE: The error you’re seeing is not related to centosplus, but centosplus packages will cause problems for the install.sh.)

If you’re going to run any packages from other sources than the OS stock, you need to install Virtualmin first and then install the other stuff after. Virtualmin itself will support just about any version of anything in the stack, including PHP5 and MySQL 5, but the install.sh has expectations about what packages it can install–centosplus is not what it expects to find.

Additionally, I would recommend you use our PHP5 package instead of the centosplus package–there’s cannot coexist with PHP4, while ours can. Ours isn’t quite finished, but I expect it to be tonight (I’m down to pear issues at this point, which are pretty easy to fix now that I know how from the php4 packages).

However, the error you’re seeing is due to a corrupt install.sh. If you used FTP, you probably forgot to switch to binary mode for the transfer. You’ll need to recopy the file and try again.

The only other thing you need to do before you install is remove the php 5 packages from centoplus:

yum remove php*

I think will do the trick.

If it causes any problems, get back to me via email (joe@virtualmin.com). I’ll be happy to perform the installation for you.

Thanks for the replies.

I don’t care what this server runs, so I am happy to use your packages instead of centosplus… as a matter of fact I am happy to completely uninstall centosplus.

I can wait for your packages, I just need MySQL 5 on this machine. It is a test machine. Once I get the site I am building finished, I will be moving it to a hosted server with EL4. I can install a new virtualmin license on that machine when the time comes.


Keep me updated and I’ll try again with your packages.


OK, I did the install, and everything seem fine. Now I need to install php5 and mysql5. Not sure what the recommended approach is. Centosplus seems to be a bad thing to do? Not sure here.

Any advise would be helpful.


Hey Gabriel,

You can install MySQL 5 from centosplus, and it should be fine.

I would, however, suggest you wait for our php5 packages–the ones in centosplus can’t coexist with php 4, and so you’ll be giving up a huge number of the Install Scripts. Our php5 packages (I’m hoping to release them tomorrow) co-exist with php4 and you can choose which one you want based on the file extension or the domain.

If you know you’ll never need php4, you can use the php5 packages–but be aware that nearly all of the Install Scripts only support php4. As we get time to test them on php5 (and confirm via documentation for each script) we’ll enable the installs on either version. But, for the next couple of weeks, if you don’t have php4, you pretty much don’t have Install Scripts.