CentOS Stream 8 - No support for Virtualmin?

i try to install Virtualmin to a new server, with Centos stream, the last version with all updates, the installer looks like to ran normally to the first page, when i go on the 2nd, it apears me a message that, “This version of os doesnt support Virtualmin installer”. do you have an idea why this issue apear?
is there any solution to this? thanks all

  • i have a pro virtualmin, but i tried to installed the gpl. This could be an issue?

update! just see an other post that, according to the author, Vm do not have any support at this moment! so all explained! if there is any other reason of course you may update! * Alma Linux is the best alternative so!

See also our OS support page: OS Support – Virtualmin

This is linked from the download page, as well.

so interesting!!! it would be super if you could write a little a bit, how can i use the --unstable param in order to install Vm in my favorite Os (Centos)
could you write a bit the command? is it very difficult??!!! * or you beleiv that it is the best option to go with Alma?
1000 thanks!

You should not. That’s only appropriate for experienced users (and even then, it’s asking for trouble).

I’ll try to update that page so it does not sound so casual about installing on barely supported distros. You are not going to be able to get help with problems on any distro other than the Grade A supported distros (so only really experienced folks should try it).

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Of the centos like distro’s I’ve tested on, Rocky has been the least troublesome, but last try of Alma went through fine as well. (2 cents worth)

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I consider Rocky the default CentOS replacement. It’s founded by the same person, for the same reasons, and with some of the same community of maintainers; and also has quite a bit of corporate backing (having an Open Source enterprise Linux with a predictable release and support cycle is very valuable to a lot of people).

Alma is maintained by a company, which also provides commercial support and some add-ons, which may be valuable to some users.

Rocky is what I use on my new deployments. But, I have no strong opinions about which one y’all should use. If you like RPM-based distros, and CentOS or RHEL, in particular, then any of Rocky, Alma, or RHEL (they have a free option for individuals and small businesses) should be fine. We’ll support you as best we can on any of them.


Many thanks for all reply guys!
This that keeps me far from Rocky, (ok not so far, but a bit far from Alma), is exactly this!!! that this Os is operated from the same team!!! and i wold like to clear this! My server after from an update to the new Centos stream, wasnt the same! also with the new Centos, Virtualmin doesnt support! what will happen, of course nothing can be predicted but, what will happen, if a morning i will wake up and… My favorite software will not be supported, because managers of an operating system, dicited to make changes from the root???
that is only the reason that i m sceptical about Rocky!
or you have any of you an opinion that, i should not make any update, when i will install any os? i can hear this if you have it!

Then why did you choose Centos in the first place, it was just a off shoot of RHEL.

My only concern about Rocky is that the cheap bastards in our industry won’t be forthcoming with $$$ and it will go the way of CentOS. It has some corporate support from some heavy-hitters, which is a good thing; but those of us who use it to make a living need to kick a few shekels back to the team once in a while.

Functionally, I have two Virtualmin servers running happily on Rocky 8.6, and two more planned for the near future. I would have done one of the two planned ones already save for one meathead who can’t make up his mind whether he wants a migration or an in-place upgrade.

Anyway, I’m happy with it, Virtualmin is happy with it, the clients are happy with it… Everyone is happy. Maybe you’ll be happy, too if you give it a chance.

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You really need to read up on the history of the change and why Rocky formed. You’re not talking sense.

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And, you need to point your blame in a different direction for CentOS Stream. That was a decision made by Red Hat. The reason Rocky exists is because CentOS turned into something different. You’re blaming all the wrong people.

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again 1000 thanks for all replys!
personally i dont blame anyone! just i wrote down all my concerns & facts, as far as what i experienced with the change Centos to Centos Stream!
and this i know that this update, made my system broke.
Stefan, i chose Centos because i found it the most easy os to be handle by me!
(im a blind user-developer)
2) as a author said, we dont want to be rich for a business we plan to build , having a software / web panel like Virtualmin, (the best of the best of my opinion) we try to have a bit extra cash, and why not more than extra,!!! we try to build something, with a stable environment, & a basic support update, as stable as it could be nowadays everything is with out stability!!!
i dont know who is responsible for the last update/change of a os, i know that someone is responsible!!!
i ll give a try to both oses!!! the only think i know for sure, is that, Virtualmin was, is and will be the only choice!!!
1000 thanks again for all your replies & your time spent to write!
all the best!

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