CentOS Linux 8.3.2011: your system is not ready for use by Virtualmin

CentOS 8.3.2011

For some reason sysme updated to CentOS Linux 8.3.2011 and when re-checking configuration
ended up with your system is not ready for use by Virtualmin

Guess 8.3.2011 not yet supported.

Rolling back to older snap

That message is unrelated to the OS minor version change (or, if it is related, there is a solution that is not downgrading). Don’t downgrade your OS because of this message! That’s crazy!

Post the messages that indicate why the config check failed.

i’m stuck now… .cant roll back.

Looks like you uinstalled mariadb? It’s also possible it’s just not enabled, though an OS update shouldn’t change that state. You can try starting it just to be sure (systemctl start mariadb) or check it’s status to see if it has errors (systemctl status mariadb, though you may need to dig deeper into the relevant logs to get more info about why it failed if it won’t start).

Your my.cnf is bogus.

You can post it, and we can try to sort out what’s wrong with it, or you can just reset it by reinstalling mariadb packages and using virtualmin-config-system --include MySQL to reset it up for Virtualmin…you’ll also have to set the root password in Webmin or using the Virtualmin setup wizard.

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