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Noticed an unofficial process online to convert CentOs 8 to RedHat 8. With the recent announcement, RH dev license now includes production. Thought it would be a no brainer to try. I am reluctant to switch to Debian/Ubuntu hence I will try RH 8 or Stream and see how it goes. More to the point, anybody doing this conversion or is it backup --> new build --> import backups process (the long way around). Appreciate your view.


I could be wrong, but last time I checked converting a system from CentOS to RedHat while they use the same core software isn’t possible. You’ll likely need to build a fresh install of RedHat then import your content onto it. Also it should be noted I believe the new RHEL licensing doesn’t take effect til Feb 1st.

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It should already be available when logging in to your developer account (they said February 1st the latest). Both me and a few of my colleagues already had it showing 16 licenses. Not that I use it, but still…

Most likely they will have some sort of migration feature. AlmaLinux and Oracle claim they are able to do it, why wouldn’t RH.


Good to know regarding the license grants.

As for the “migration” question, apparently RedHat has written an article on the topic, literally about 2 hours ago.

Just to clarify, yes, they do seem to have made it possible to migration from CentOS.

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Yeah, license is visible in my portal. Guess migration process will be updated next few weeks/months or made easier for people like me.

heh we’ve seen that news yesterday as well.
We have migrated 6 systems to Oracle Linux 8 with success, we are now considering taking full advantage of the new Red Hat offering and have a mix with Oracle and Red Hat.
They’re all Enterprise Linux practically the same. We are very happy with the results of the migrations and the new systems.

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