CentOS 7

I saw in your list of Server OS’s that you folks work with that your main focus and build has been around RedHat…

If that is the case is it safe to assume since it’s on the list and it’s a “freebie” version of RedHat that CentOS 7 works well with Webmin and Virtualmin?

Thanks and have a great day!

All OS’s from the list are separate software, aside of Centos/RHEL they have some things in common but this is more an exception than rule. Centos isnt “freebie” but OS based on software publicly made available from RedHat and its community supported. So both OS have a lot of things in common but not everything. Thats why almost every hosting company prefer Centos over any other OS, similar to expensive RHEL, robust and not prone to bugs, but as downside doesnt follow so close new software versions like others.

All OS’s listed under Grade A are perfectly supported by Vm, while with others you will have some manual work to do and expect few/some problems what needs to be sorted out.

No offense but based on your post you are not ready to manage VPS or dedicated server for production, but to learn why not. There is a lot of information on google and its really easy to find, especially for Centos or Ubuntu

Well… My helpful and encouraging little rabbit -
Many people told Einstein he wasn’t ready and many people told Edison he wan’t ready and he almost proved them right since he took 10,000 tries before he got it right.
They told Ford he wasn’t ready to be an entrepreneur and that he was basically a mindless idiot - he almost proved them right since the first horseless carriage he ever made didn’t have a reverse on it and he didn’t know until he ran off the road and into a log and couldn’t back away…
They all said Alexander Graham Bell would lose to his opponent and not get his phone patented first… Can you actually tell me the name of the guy who actually invented the first phone several months before Bell, but didn’t think anyone would be interested so he never went to the patent office?

They all had one thing in common - they were told they couldn’t and they did anyway… but thanks for your encouragement. :slight_smile:

As far as my description of CentOS it was developed as a community supported version of RHEL by some of the original designers of RHEL when the business model changed. Also I’ve used it for about 11 years now and I’ve never paid a dime for it so do you really need to pontificate on it not being a freebie?

You mentioned the very reason I like Centos 7. It doesn’t have an upgrade every 6 months or less like some of the more popular Linux editions do and it’s known to be very stable.
However I thought I would ask in the forum because many times in many tech forums the forum members have real world experience and might know something that hasn’t been upgraded in the official documentation, and may I please turn your attention to the list of Class A server OS’s and class B OS’s and might I point your learned attention to the list where it says CENTOS- it doesn’t mention CentOS 7. As I’m sure you’re aware there are a quite a few things different about version 7 from previous versions of CentOS. Which is why I spefically asked about 7 not CentOS but Centos 7.

No offense taken since I’m only wanting to run a web server for my own websites not for customers. I’m tired of hosting companies that can’t find, their way out of a wet paper bag.

However, I thought this was a place for “newbies” who’ve never used *min software to learn and ask questions about *min products not be harassed over one’s choice of wording. (One would assume that would be a deciding factor in creating a NEWBIE portion of the forum rather than inflicting their newbie questions on the more elite of the software users)

Linux purists… I find them to be somewhat along the same lines as fly-fishing purists. However I still appreciate your pointers about ipv6 and how well the software works with Centos7 and I thank you.

By the way I don’t think I’m the only person to ever call CentOS 7 the freebie version of RHEL.

I’ll be sure to send a special autographed screen shot of my websites successfully running on Virtualmin to you a year or two after I get them up and running just to prove you wrong. :slight_smile: Oh and by the way, just to be clear since I’m 57 - the only time I ever wish to be lectured is by a professor that I’m paying to lecture me - thank you and have a great week and enjoy your weekend.

Well... My helpful and encouraging little rabbit - ... but thanks for your encouragement. :-)
I didnt say you cant but it was my statement based on your initial post.
...attention to the list where it says CENTOS- it doesn't mention CentOS 7...
It does, just pay a little more attention when you read: - CentOS/RHEL/Scientific Linux 7 on x86_64 - CentOS/RHEL/Scientific Linux 5 and 6 on i386 or x86_64 - Debian 6, 7, and 8 on i386 or amd64 - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS, and 16.04 LTS on i386 or amd64 (non-LTS releases are not supported)
No offense taken since I'm only wanting to run a web server for my own websites not for customers. I'm tired of hosting companies that can't find, their way out of a wet paper bag.
What CP to install its least of the problem because no one of them comes with pre-installed server security and its up to you to harden and secure your server. Doesnt really matter for who you will run the server as soon as it face the web the rules are the same.
No offense taken since I'm only wanting ...(snipped)... since I'm 57 - the only time I ever wish to be lectured is by a professor that I'm paying to lecture me - thank you and have a great week and enjoy your weekend
Well i'm sorry you didnt like my post but that isnt important. I saw too many times people who made their life a hell because didnt know what they are doing, from extra fines for blacklisted IP's to collector agencies chasing them because they (intentionally or not) made huge bills and no money to pay. My post was not an attack to you, just reflection of what i know and what i saw until now. Mentioning your age really doesnt mean anything nor will help you to become better in server management (or anything else). I'm over 40 but this isnt the measure of my knowledge, experience or have any other meaning aside for my stubborn wife who what to celebrate my birthday every single year.

I wish good weekend to you too, when it comes in 2 or 3 days depending in which TZ you live.

ahh ok… CentOS/RHEL/Scientific Linux 7 ------------

I was assuming the (7) was for Scientific Linux because I was unaware that RHEL and CentOS all ran the same version number. But not knowing that doesn’t or at least shouldn’t cause someone to preclude that I’m ignorant in linux or server management just because the last time I worked on an RHEL server was in 2006 and didn’t know what the current version # was. Most of why I responded the way I did was to prove a point. You seem like a nice helpful person. Anyone that uses such a nice character as a rabbit can’t be all bad… but not everyone would have taken that comment as graciously as me because it came across as very officious and officious is never very popular nor desirable.

Security of web management was never in question, part of my past life as a network design engineer was server security in both windows and linux- I was asking about whether or not virtualmin worked well on Centos 7 because the install video mentioned how well the product worked on Debian and the install document mentioned it was “built” around RHEL and the rest is history…There was a whole lot of worm can opening that didn’t even need to be opened…
I’ll just leave it at that because these comments by both of us have been off target for the topic at hand which is “Help - new to Virtualmin” I’ll censor myself going forward so the moderator/admin doesn’t have to.

I’m rude only when triggered by others but i will admit that sometimes my answers can be “crude”. Not because i think you or anyone else isnt capable to manage their server but based on what i saw and all my previous experience its always better to get straight to the point. Sometimes people (not saying you) get into really messy situations as they were thinking its easy, and then because of their lack of knowledge their IP get blacklisted or server gets hacked. In unmanaged service this means they now need to pay the fees to the hosting company to clear the mess they created and sometimes this can escalate to really big amounts.

If you have the knowledge to manage your server then just disregard my first post, obviously was created under my wrong impression that your knowledge isnt big enough to manage your server.


Yes, CentOS 7 is supported.

CentOS is binary compatible with RedHat, and in fact is now part of the RedHat family of distributions.

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