CentOS 7 to Rocky 8 - fcgiwrap issues

OS type and version CentOS 7 to Rocky 8
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1 Pro to 7.1 GPL which will become Pro
Related packages Backup and Restore

I ran backup and restore to backup all virtual servers on the CentOS 7 system. I restored those backups to a Rocky 8 system. I have discovered that under bootup and shutdown, there are services for each of the transferred domains, such as [fcgiwrap-domainname-com.service]. I see the path to the service. I also see some entries for this in the root directory for each domain.

What is the best way to expunge these?

I did use the sort of official inshall.sh for Rocky, which I suppose is still in the works for the official install.sh. I am remembering correctly that this was done by @Ilia? I’ve only seen this and not getting quotas right so far.

So…if I’m understanding the problem, I think that means you backed up on a system using fcgid+suexec for PHP execution. And, since you restored onto a system that doesn’t offer that execution mode (because we no longer replace the Apache packages with our own custom build), it would have set it up for PHP-FPM (which is preferable, anyway).

Is something not working? Or is it just that there’s extra stuff you want to clean up?

The fact that it didn’t clean up is a bug-like. @Jamie would need to look into that.

I manually went through all the sites to make sure FPM was set. These ‘services’ are set to start on boot.

Some simple websites would not load. Error is:

[proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 744115:tid 139768755115776] [client ###.##.##.##:56793] AH01079: failed to make connection to backend: httpd-UDS

I turned off FPM and they loaded. I’m going to try stopping one of these services, restart apache to make sure it will. Then turn FPM back on, restart apache again and check the website.

My quick test, stopping all the fcgi services and restarting apache along with enabling FPM on the one website, now allows the html website and a PHP script to be run properly. I’ll be reviewing to see if any other sites have problems.

My post I suppose is threefold.

  1. How to immediately fix the issue. solved above
  2. How to clean things up.
  3. A note to @Jamie so he knows how backup and restore is functioning.

I hate that I’m only posting bugs. You guys have done a fantastic job in other areas. The first script installs I did, did not error on a missing module, but instead downloaded and installed the dependencies that were needed! Sweet! Too many great things to mention.

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