Centos 7 mariadb 10.x

Operating system: Centos
OS version: CentOS Linux 7.8.2003

Hello, i have a server with CentOS Linux 7.8.2003 and mariadb 10.2.34 (with mariadb repo), last week mariad was updated in 10.2.35 and i have this issue

on some website i have problem with mysql and error
Malformed communication packet in …

so for now i downgrade mariadb to 10.2.34 and now works all fine, but to prevent this i wouldn’t use mariadb repo.
with a search a found

so, can i unistall mariadb (mariadb repo) and install rh-mariadb103 rh-mariadb103-mariadb-server-utils?

i try on a test server and work prefect on shell but virtualmin does not recognize rh-mariadb103

can i use (even a clean server and already in use) rh-mariadb103 , to prevent a bug?

thank you

nobody else have this problem?

anyway virtualmin doesn’t support mariadb with software collections?
i found virtualmin use software collections for PHP 7.2…

thank you

According to this chart you can continue using a Mariadb repo to install up to version 10.5 on CentOS 7. If it’s not working out for some reason SCL’s repo should work. Normally, if a repository is for a specific OS release its packages will install to expected locations.

SCL PHP packages shouldn’t be a problem either. If you can’t get to a PHP version new enough look into Remi’s repo.

ok thank you for reply.

my fear is bugged release of mariadb.
i like centos becuase use “old” software but relaly stable…
in this case i can’t use mariadb 5.5.65 (centos base) and scl use a different location…
now i’m able to set correct location for rh-mariadb103 but i’m in staging …

my goal is use standard repo (5.5.65) , but is a specific project that require mariadb 10.x…

i will write here my next results…

thank you

If you need new software, use a new distribution. CentOS 8 is fine.

But, you can, of course, also switch to an SCL version of mariadb. You just need to make sure you appropriately configure Webmin to use it in the MySQL module configuration.

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