CentOS 6 vs SL 6

I read the topics about the two OS in the subject and do some search on the net.
I realized that SL is updated faster, but CentOS is still the “reference”.
last years I used CentOS (4.x and 5.x), and at the moment I am testing CentOS 6.0 on some VMs.
My idea was to continue using CentOS as base for my boxes, but reading that the OS of reference for VirtualMin is SL 6.x, suggest me to evaluate if there are some good/interesting/… reason to prefer it to the “classic” CentOS.
Any hints?

And … some hints in the creation of the basic install of the “preferred Operating System” (as VM)?

Thanks, P.


Well, it largely comes down to personal preference… CentOS has a larger market share, but Scientific Linux is updated faster.

Outside of those two factors, they’re largely the same distribution – both based on RHEL 6.


I would go for SL.

“Updated faster” is probably a big understatement. Centos 6 has been behind a couple of months at least. A couple of months without security updates is a very long time. Since SL is sponsored by “nuclear research” organizations like Fermi Labs and CERN etc you can imagine that this wouldn’t happen with SL. Probably because they can not afford any security issues :wink:

The only reason not to use SL was that the Virtualmin installer didn’t work on SL, but fortunately that has changed. Thanks to the Virtualmin guys again!