Centos 6 + Virtualmin 3.99.gpl GPL + CPanel Backup Restore = mail passwords not restored


I restored a cpanel backup on our new server and i had an issue with the migrated email users :
1- it seems that Virtualmin was unable to import the original passwords (which in it self is not so bad)
2- changing the user’s password in virtualmin had no effect on the system password which is used by dovecot and other services

My mailformat is user@domain.tld



Is there any point where you’re able to login as that user? Or are you unable to login at all?

Also, when you attempt to change the password, do you get an error of any kind?


1- i was never able to log in.
2- i do not get an error when i change the password

we finaly got the user working by changing the password from the shell command