Centos 5.6 and ClamAV

Hi all,
I’ve just installed Virtualmin GPL

in Centos 5.6.

Freshclam.log advises about:

WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!
WARNING: Local version: 0.96.5 Recommended version: 0.97

I find at Virtualmin repo for Centos 6.0 the package for 0.97 but I don’t find it for Centos 5.6?

Is possible to install the most recent version of clamav in 5.6?

Thanks in advance.


That message is just a warning – ClamAV should continue to work fine. That warning can be found on ClamAV installations on most distros, as the version of ClamAV available on most distros is not the most recent.

My recommendation would be to just ignore the warning… Virtualmin does periodically release new ClamAV versions for CentOS, and that warning will go away (for a little while) when a newer version is released.


The only way to get rid of that message would be to manually install and update ClamAV from the dedicated project sites. But that would surely be more hassle and be more error-prone than useful. :slight_smile:

Thanks Eric.
I’ll wait for an updated version of clamav for Centos 5.6, but Virtualming released the 0.97 for Centos 6 a few months ago.

I’ve read the forum about this and people not recomend to use others repos like rpmforge to update because It’s possible to conflict with Virtualmin installation.

I follow your reconmedation … I’ll wait for an update.


Yeah, breaking package dependencies would be one of the problems that can arise.

I quite suppose that the ClamAV versions that the official distro repositories offer, even if they are not “bleeding edge up to date”, should be sufficiently so as to work correctly.

Especially Ubuntu is known for being a “bit behind” with package up-to-dateness. I suppose they rather invest some time into testing for stability before introducing fresh versions into their repositories, especially the LTS server ones. People who auto-fetch security updates would sure not be too pleased if their server breaks due to untested new versions of the stuff they use. :slight_smile:

Virtualming released the 0.97 for Centos 6 a few months ago

Yeah, I think likely packaged that up in preparing for the CentOS 6 / Scientific Linux 6 support.

Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a 0.97 version available for CentOS 5.x.

It’s been about 6 months now though since the last release, so I suspect a new one will be available soon for CentOS 5.


Thanks you!