catchall email forwarding account


I have just installed virtualmin & I must say its really nice and fast.
I can’t find a way how to create a email forwarding account with catchall.

like i want to have catchall email account which will be forward to other email on other server.


hi, have look at email aliases.

thanks for reply, yes in in email aliases i can create email forwarder but how to make that email forwarder catch all also ?

I think it’s one or the other. Remember this is for email accounts that don’t typically exist.

so i can’t have catch all email forwarder ?

Erm, I think you’ll find that a catch all will catch all unknown email addresses but I’m not 100% sure. I haven’t gone too far in that (yet) as I’m still setting my server up, but that’s how I understand how a catch all works; you specify a single email address and any unknown (unregistered) emails on that domain will all go to the catch all address.


I managed to do this pretty simply. In Virtualmin > Edit Users > Username > Email Settings > Additional email addresses, I added, without a username before the @, as an additional address. Now, whenever someone sends an email to, it goes to the email account of the user I set this up under.