Catch All Alias is catching valid addresses

Basically I created a catch all alias, and to my understanding it should only catch emails which have invalid recipients, and instead of bouncing they are delivered to the appropriate mailbox.

However for some reason once i set it up, all emails where getting caught, even valid email account.

So if i had a mailbox test, its emails were being caught and were delivered to the selected account, whilst test got no emails.

Could someone please help me resolve this problem, hopefully it’s just me configuring it wrong =_=

Thanks in advance,

Almir Kadric

Hrm, I guess I’d be curious what you see in the /etc/postfix/virtual file.

For example – if your domain for your email accounts is “”, what if you type:

grep /etc/postfix/virtual

Do you see everything you’d expect listed in there?

Also, if you go into System Settings -> Re-Check Config, does everything show up correctly?