Case Sensitive username field

OS type and version: Ubuntu 20.04.3
Webmin version: 1.981
Usermin version: 1.823

When logging in to usermin (haven’t checked with Webmin or VIrtualmin), would work but won’t. Shouldn’t the username field be case insensitive?

Users on Linux are always case sensitive.

I think that’s correct behavior, but I guess I can see how one might want it to behave otherwise…but, technically, I don’t know how we’d accomplish that without forcing normalization on the names (i.e. lowercase them before saving and lowercase when comparing). That seems more surprising than case sensitivity.

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The tricky bit: email addresses are always case insensitive. :smirk:

That login sure looks like an email address…

To go further:

  • rfc 2343 specs domains and hosts as insensitive
  • for users it depends on where stored:
    • POSIX, local: sensitive
    • ldap: either, depending on the backing store

However, due to the email issue, best practice is always treat as lower case.

Imagine email to MrPete@… How could the system choose the mailbx :smirk:

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We already have mailbox usernames forced to lowercase by default, with the following option:

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