Can't view web content of newly created virtu ser

Can’t view web content of newly created virtual servers.

I have a clean install My OS debian 4r7 and Virtualmin Pro.

Every thing installed with no error’s

I created 3 virtual domain.

Also uploaded content/web sites to domains

When the web sites load in web browser this ie what is displayed

A blank page with it works

It works!

And the address bar have this apache2-default


How can I remove Apache2-default

I’m uploading with filezilla from a winXP box .

I’m uploading to (domain) /home/ownersname/public_html

The upload transfer had no error’s the index.html is on the server
in the home public_html

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Yeah, it should certainly work fine on a new Debian 4 server.

Could you open a ticket using the Bugs and Issues link below, and attach your /root/virtualmin-install.log file to it? That might help us nail down what the problem is.

It sounds like it’s pulling up the default site in /var/www, rather than the individual Virtual Servers, but I’m not sure sure yet.

In that ticket you open, could you also include the output of:

cat /etc/debian_version

dpkg -l ‘apache2*’ | grep ii